Fab Fellows Program

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The Fab Fellows are graduate students that:

[-] Help run the Makerspace and/or other Design + Innovation Labs for 20 hours per week. This involves, among other things, helping with equipment maintenance and overseeing undergraduate student staff.
[-] Provide instructional support to courses that use the facilities such as the 1st year design course InterEgr 170 and final year interdisciplinary capstone sections.
[-] (Optionally) Are guided through the completion of an applied, high-tech project for their thesis work.

They receive:

[-] Tuition remission and a stipend for one or more years.
[-] Training on a wide range of fabrication / prototyping equipment such as 3D printers, lathes, welding, electronics and laser cutters.
[-] Extensive leadership and teaching experience.
[-] Access to a fun and engaging community of other students interested in hands-on design and prototyping.

Applicants must:

[-] Be accepted into a graduate degree program at UW-Madison. Certain restrictions may apply based on your program though we can help guide you.
[-] Have experience with design and prototyping and a bachelor’s degree in a related field (e.g. engineering, art, industrial design).

 FAQ Section:

Q: When is the application deadline?

A: For our cohort starting in summer or fall 2023, we will conduct interviews beginning in early February. This will give new students time to confirm their acceptance into a graduate program. There is no deadline, though there are a limited number of spots and they will be filled on a rolling basis. Note that all positions for the 2022-23 academic year have been filled. We will update this page accordingly as our new cohort is established.

Q: When will I hear back from you after I’ve applied?

A: As stated above, we will begin conducting interviews in February for our 2022-23 cohort. We will connect with all applicants in January to confirm interest and determine next steps. If you’d like more information or have questions for us in the meantime, please reach out to Carly or Matthew.

Q: Can I be a Fab Fellow while enrolled in an accelerated masters program?

A: With only rare exceptions, no. There are a number of university-imposed limitations on graduate students in accelerated programs which make it very difficult for these students to fully participate in the Fab Fellows program.

Q: Do I need to commit to 2 years as a Fab Fellow?

A: We strongly believe that students can make the biggest impact and gain the most from their experience by committing to 2 years as a Fab Fellow, so we generally prefer candidates who can make a 2-year commitment. All appointments are reviewed annually, so there is nothing officially binding and no absolute requirement to commit to 2 years.

Q: Where can I find out more about the benefits of being a graduate assistant at UW?

A: Check out this link.