Design Innovation Lab Facilities

We are a community of designers and builders within the College of Engineering’s ecosystem of fabrication facilities at UW-Madison. These fabrication facilities combined are over 40,000 ft2, run by 10 professional full-time staff members and ~60 student workers. Each space contains millions of dollars of high-tech equipment. Students can build anything here – from micro to macro and from virtual to the physical.

Student Org Spaces

Phil Myers Automotive Center “PMAC”, is a lab dedicated to the student org car teams on CoE’s campus, and is the home for the following Student Orgs:

At right, Arjun Chaudhary describes the rail-braking system of Badgerloop Pod II as the team reveals their group's in-progress design during an event held for media, sponsors and supporters at the Mechanical Engineering Building lobby at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 17, 2017. The Badgerloop team is preparing for the international SpaceX Hyperloop Competition II Aug. 25-27, 2017, in California. A hyperloop involves a pod moving in a low-pressure tube at hundreds of miles per hour. The sole criteria for this year's competition is speed. (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

DI Lab actively manages other shop spaces used by the following Student Orgs:

Other Student Orgs that actively use the D+I labs and resources are:

All College of Engineering Student Orgs are listed here.

See our Student Org Page here.

Our Mission

Hands-on Learning

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Diverse Community

A welcoming community fostering team-based collaborations; diverse in terms of gender, race & discipline

Peer Learning

A place where students teach and learn from other students

Student Empowerment

Empowering students to design and build on their own initiative

Product Design

A hub for inventing and designing new products

Open Access to Technology

Offering an expansive library of technology, equipment and tools