Lab Memberships

The Lab Membership fee* required to use the Design + Innovation Labs (TEAM Lab and/or Makerspace) is based on the table below:

Fee per Semester**
College of Engineering (CoE)
Undergraduate $0
Graduate $100
Faculty and Staff $0
Outside CoE, M-Pass Only
Undergraduate $150
Graduate $150
Faculty and Staff $150

*Formerly known as the Materials Fee

**Fall, Spring, Summer (3x per calendar year)

Spring 2024
January 22 – May 19
Summer 2024
May 20 – August 18
Fall 2024
August 19 – January 20

Fee payments default to the semester they’re purchased in, unless you’re prompted to choose one.

CoE Graduate students can pay their Lab Membership fee using one of these methods depending on the source of funding:

Pay in Fusion To use personal funds

Pay with a Payment Account To use lab funds

CoE Teaching Assistants (TAs) will have their fee waived automatically at the beginning of their contract each semester. We have access to the list of CoE TA’s and will upload the waivers by the first week of classes, so no action is required by the TA or instructor.

Note: TAs should check their Fusion memberships for “Lab Membership” to confirm it’s been applied. If the fee has not been waived after the start of the semester contract, request a waiver here.

If outside CoE, UW students in a degree program and UW faculty/staff may apply to access the Makerspace (not TEAM Lab) by obtaining an M-Pass.

*Consumables are not included within the M-Pass.