Methods of Payment

The Makerspace accepts Wiscard, debit cards, credit cards or funding strings (see Payment Account below) for consumables at the Minimart. Simply head to the check-out window to pay via one of these methods (cash is not accepted). You may pay for materials purchased at TEAM Lab here.

Interdepartmental Payment Accounts

Both TEAM Lab and the Makerspace accept Payment Account transactions. These internal UW funding accounts:

  • May be charged by authorized students, faculty and staff.
  • May only be set up by department admins (setting fund allotments, expiration dates, and more).
  • May cover student’s Lab Membership Fee or M-Pass Fee.
  • These accounts are billed monthly, and nothing is charged unless it’s used.

Create a Payment Account *You must use your NetID to create a payment account.

Modify an Existing Payment Account *This link will open a new window with a google form. Please email with questions.

Search Open Payment Accounts *You must use your NetID to search a payment account.

See Fee FAQs on our policies page.